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Meaningful Use Advisory Service
The CMS EHR Incentive program requires that healthcare providers use their EHR products in a manner that meets the federal "Meaningful Use" regulations. How those measures are ultimately applied and satisfied is not a simple matter. Each participating provider in the EHR incentive program has a lot of money riding on whether they get these details right. RTC is committed to assuring that its clients achieve meaningful use. Our MU Advisory Service is geared to help with the following: Setting the clinical roadmap for your EHR and MU o How should you approach the CMS Core Meaningful Use Measures (MUMs)? o Which measures permit exemptions? o How to make sure that you include your own practice meaningful clinical use measures? o What changes can be expected with Stage 2 criteria? When will this window start? Deciding on your Menu MUMs o Which 5 of these 15 Menu measures are right for your practice? o How do exemptions apply with these measures? o How do these measures apply to specialists? Deciding on your Menu Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs) o Will you need to address the Alternate CQMs? o What is the status of quality measures for specialists? o How do these measures relate to the pre-existing PQRM Incentive measures set by CMS? o What kind of performance levels are the CQMs expected to show? Adjusting present practice processes to assure conformance o Which processes must strictly align with your EHR system and which have flexibility? o Which personnel in the practice will find their work part of MU? Auditing your vendor reports for accuracy o How does your Practice Management System data relate to EHR reporting? o How should you validate your EHR vendor reports for accuracy? Implementing a compliance tracking process o How should you regularly track individual practitioner compliance to assure meeting MU within your 1st 90 day attempt? Miscellaneous related matters o What are the reporting effort consequences of working at two different practices? RTC President Hank Mayers, CPHIMS, personally delivers this service to our clients. His commitment to this program reflects his deep background in HIT generally, and governmental programs in particular. In addition, he Serves as the Chairperson to the Meaningful Use Center of Excellence Task Force at the Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Serves as an advisor to physician organizations on HIT Has developed/delivered numerous HIT educational programs (some CME-certified), including programs on the federal EHR Incentive program and the meaningful use measures Authored HIMSS’ frequently-referenced “10 Steps to Securing Your EHR Incentive”
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