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EMR Seminars & Information Programs ► Brief Talks/Webinars ► Focused Training Sessions ► The RTC EMR Seminar Have all the voices and vendors in the EMR market got you and your practice overwhelmed? Are you tired of having everyone telling you all the ways you should be changing your practice to accommodate various health information technologies? ReliaTechConsulting has developed a series of seminars geared to drain all the confusion, fear, and doubt out of this subject for practitioners and their managers. We can walk you through this topic using normal English, and we can outline a process that you can follow that will make you EMR journey a lot more informed and ultimately successful. We’ll put you back in charge! Because different individuals have differing information needs on this topic, we have a number of alternate formats, one of which will surely meet your needs. Brief Talks/Webinars (duration is generally less than 60 minutes) We have taken our seminar content, and broken it down into topical units that can be delivered at your site, or remotely via a web conference or webinar. These are often scheduled during early morning, during lunch, or in after normal work hours. Examples of such sessions are (this is a very partial listing of potential topics):  What is involved in federal EHR funding certification? What is the federal “meaningful use” criteria and how will it be applied?  What kinds of costs can be expected with implementing an EMR product? How can I minimize staff disruptions during an EMR implementation? Focused Training Sessions (duration is generally not more than 3 hours) These programs are delivered only at the customer site. Generally, they are intended to take place during normal working hours, but can be conducted at other times. These sessions are oriented to develop our customer’s staff competency around a number of key dimensions of running an EMR project. The style of training is one of trainee involvement, and can be useful as a team-building opportunity. These sessions usually include materials that attendees can use to perform the work later at their worksite. Examples of the kinds of topics covered by these seminars Include (this is a very partial listing of potential topics): Medical Practice Functional Analysis – Identifying HIT Opportunities Prioritizing HIT Opportunities and Return on Investment EHR Vendor Selection Process Change Management Principles and Practices for an EMR Implementation Project Organization and Planning Essentials for an EMR Implementation EMR Security in the Age of HIPAA under ARRA RTC’s HIT Breakthrough Seminar® (duration is generally 4-6 hours) This is RTC’s premier program for a practice that has concluded that it must introduce either an EMR or a PMS, or both, into its practice and does not want to simply turn over everything to an outsider. This for those practices that want get a solid understanding of what their EMR journey will likely entail, and what needs to be in place to make it successful – on their terms. The emphasis of this seminar is to make the practice a wise consumer of EMR products, planning, implementation services, and a successful adopter of HIT within its practice. Like all other sessions, the intent is to cover this content in a familiar manner and to have attendees leave with a new level of understanding and growing confidence in launching its HIT project/initiative. These seminars are generally open to more than one practice, and there is an emphasis in class participation. We generally recommend that more than one managerial person from a practice attend. This enables greater interaction within the seminar, and usually results in considerable staff project synergies upon their return to the practice. RTC can provide a single practice version of this session. Such a session is especially valuable for a practice’s HIT project team during the early stages of their project. Such sessions can be geared to accomplish team building as part of the content segments. All of these programs can be adjusted to include any grouping of topics or other specific information that would be of value to your organization. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and how we could tailor or programs to best meet your needs.
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