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EMR Planning & Implementation Services for Physicians and Clinics Given the evident complexity of the EMR and HIT products in the market today and the uncertainty of many practitioners on how to consider taking advantage of these technologies, RTC has developed a straight-forward process to take the mystery out of all of this.   We have drawn from the many years of general IT experience, as well as the HIT experience of our people, to devise our unique HIT Dx + Rx® process for practitioners in small and larger practices and clinics. We decided to structure our HIT Dx+Rx process in a manner that would be most familiar to health care practitioners. The process begins by diagnosing the HIT needs of the practice. All of the following steps are done in cooperation with the practice leadership. We begin by performing our unique practice functional analysis to discover and catalog the conditions and desired changes that the practice has for all of the functions that make up the practice. During the functional analysis or after, we then provide a review of the HIT alternatives that are available in the market for each functional area. This allows a consideration of further enhancements to their process improvement objectives. At this juncture, we then review the external pressures and opportunities that will potentially impact their operations/functions and the needs that have been identified. At this point, we provide the client with a summary of its HIT Vision. And a key element of that vision will be a logical sequencing of HIT implementations, which is considered our client’s HIT Care Plan. The HIT Care Plan will be totally dependent on the business improvement priorities set and technologies desired by the practice in its HIT Vision. As with all things in health care, now that we have completed the diagnosis (HITDx), we are ready to move to prescribing the solution In the HIT market, the solution depends largely on whichever vendor offering will best move the practice towards its HIT Vision. As a result, the RTC process now moves to securing bids/explanations from relevant vendors on how their product will fulfil the identified needs of the practice. The RTC process then turns to providing the practice with a technique to select the most responsive vendor, and to construct a clear and thoroughgoing contract that can guarantee a mutually satisfactory relationship with the vendor. In health care, the next step would be implementing the prescribed treatment orders. In HIT, the focus is on implementing the technologies AND the requisite changes in the practice functions so that the fullest impact/value is achieved from this investment. One essential ingredient is to activate an appropriate level of Project Management so the project goes smoothly. RTC has developed a tailored, streamlined approach to project management that is especially suited for a health care practice. This process reflects the complexity and the multi-actor nature of these projects. RTC implementation processes emphasize assuring the readiness of both the technology(ies) and the practice user staff prior to the launch of the EMR. Finally, these kinds of implementations, even after rigorous training efforts are completed, can be disorienting to practice staff. As a result, RTC’s Go-Live Strategies & Guidelines include a wide array of recommendations, including the use of on-the-floor user support, and response centers for larger organizations. Finally, the HIT Vision that was produced during the HIT Dx+Rx stages earlier usually generates a multi-year program that incrementally achieves that vision. At the conclusion of the above steps, RTC clients will have adopted HIT to enable it in transforming its health care services. They will have succeeded in reaching a new level of HIT. In almost all cases, this is but the first (major) step in enhancing care and electronically linking their practice to the larger health care delivery system in their area, as well as the rest of the country. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and how we could tailor our programs to best meet your needs.
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