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Registration & Attestation Service
The staff at federal Centers for Medical Services (CMS) has worked very hard to simplify the registration process for the EHR Incentive Program. There are no paper forms, and it is not possible to contact the wrong place, or experience all the normal application mailing headaches! It is all on the web at: BUT once you get to the website, things get a bit complicated… Here are some of the typical problems: #1: If you have not already registered at PECOS (CMS’ Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System) or have a National Provider Identifier (at the National Plan & Provider Enumeration System), you’ll have to take two diversions that some folks find rather alarming and confusing. We can quickly help you with this winding path of registration. #2: If you are registering for the Medicaid incentive, you will also subsequently be contacted by your state Medicaid agency after you have completed your registration at the CMS site. We can help you prepare for their process. #3: When the time comes to submit your Attestation (and your data) that confirms that you have satisfied your selected Meaningful Use criteria, you must: Under the Medicare Incentive - return to the registration site and correctly enter in all of your data. Mistakes with this process may mean your payment will likely be delayed. Should you be selected for subsequent audit by CMS, this is the data they will focus on. We can assist you in validating this data. Under the Medicaid Incentive – you will need to submit your attestation and data using the process that has been established by your state. You will not be using the CMS website. This program has special requirements for you to demonstrate that you have sufficient numbers of Medicaid patients (and other groups of patients in some cases). We can explain this information and help you with its submission. Because of our background in assisting practitioners and entities with Meaningful Use,  we can prevent your registration or attestation from becoming a lengthy or expensive process. Let us help make this part of the EHR Incentive program a simple and worry-free experience for you. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you register and attest for your EHR incentive.
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