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ICD-9 to ICD-10-CM Upgrading Advisory Service When October 1, 2014 arrives, will you be ready??
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So What's All The Fuss About? The Upgrade is Complicated o Everyone in the practice is impacted - not just billing o You are not just changing code numbers This takes many, many months to complete o You need to be starting now! It Requires Coordination With Lots of Outsiders o Payers, information technology vendors, ancillary providers, etc. o Outsiders will set some dates that cannot be changed by you It's Risky o There are lots of ways to make mistakes o Formal training is essential o There is a final deadline that you cannot change There are $$ Consequences o Most mistakes will result in significant delays in revenue How We Help We can quickly Build a Plan that meets the needs of your organization We can Assess your PMS and EMR Vendors' Plans We can Conduct a Risk Assessment and create a responsive Mitigation Plan We can Perform periodic Progress Assessments and Readiness Checks We can Provide Coding Guidance We can Provide Training Please contact us to discuss how we can help you upgrade to ICD-10 without the drama.
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